Annual Mary Ward Service

25 JANUARY 2021
Annual Mary Ward Service

For many years an Ecumenical Service has taken place in St. Thomas’ Church Osbaldwick where Mary Ward was buried on the 1st February 1645 initiated by Rev. Andrew Clements Vicar of the Church and the sisters at the Bar Convent. This took place on the Sunday nearest 30th January the day on which Mary Ward died.

Rev. Andrew retired in 2019 and his successor is Rev. Jan Nobel. We, the CJ sisters, wanted to carry on the tradition and Rev. Jan readily agreed, however, because of the pandemic the event could not take place in St. Thomas Church.

It was decided to use Zoom which meant more people and members of Mary Ward’s family could join the service and pray together.

It was an historic event which brought much joy to all who participated. Because of technology and with the permission of Jan we are able to make the service available for all.

Please click here to access this very special service.