The Missioning of Sister Sarah Dobson as Provincial of the English Province

7 JANUARY 2021
The Missioning of Sister Sarah Dobson as Provincial of the English Province

Because of Covid restrictions, the Missioning happened in three parts. On January 1, Sister Sarah had a small ceremony with the Sisters at St Joseph’s. On the following day, the ceremony took part in the Bar Convent Chapel.

This took place in the Bar Convent Chapel on Saturday 2 January 2021.

We began our service with the carol ‘Joy to the World’. After the introduction and welcome by Sister Ann, Sister Patricia read the opening prayer. Sister Josie read from St Luke’s Gospel, ‘The Account of the Nativity’, followed by the hymn, ‘Be Still for the Presence of the Lord’.

Sister Frances read out the Decree from Rome and this was followed by the presentation of the gifts. Mary Luke presented Sister Sarah with the Constitutions, Sister Michaela gave the Cross and Sister Frances gave the Seal of the Congregation which symbolises the office of leadership and also links back to Mary Ward and all generations which followed on after her.

Finally, Charlotte presented a plant- a symbol of God’s creative life.

We ended with prayers of intercessions and a blessing from Joyce Rupp.

Sister Marion and Charlotte accompanied the singing on guitar and flute.

The service was followed by a celebration meal.

Our prayers and best wishes are with Sister Sarah. We would like to thank Sister Frances for her 9 years of leadership, given with generosity, hard work and inspiration which has left a great legacy. Our blessings go with her for the future.

Sister Sarah travelled to Cambridge for her service with the community there on Sunday 3 January.