‘Dancing at the Still Point’ by Sister Gemma Simmonds

1 APRIL 2021
‘Dancing at the Still Point’ by Sister Gemma Simmonds

We are thrilled to announce that the new book, ‘Dancing at the Still Point- Retreat Practices for a Busy Life’, by spiritual director and lecturer, Sister Gemma Simmonds will be available from July.

‘Dancing at the Still Point’ is an accessible guide to DIY and at-home retreats that will help readers to make life-giving daily choices and find God in all things.

Sister Gemma said, “Reflective practices are for everyone.  They help us to discover our inner life and bring it alive.  I hope this book will encourage people who have never made a retreat to try some retreat practices at home for themselves.  They will enjoy discovering how life-giving they can be.”

The book will be published through SPCK Publishing. Established in 1698, SPCK Publishing is a recognised market-leader in the areas of Theology and Christian Spirituality, publishing authors such as Tom Wright, Rowan Williams, Paula Gooder and Alister McGrath. SPCK continues to gather recognition in other genres, including History and Leadership books written for people of all backgrounds, proudly representing authors such as Terry Waite, Melvyn Bragg, Janina Ramirez and Ben Cooley. The SPCK Group also comprises IVP UK, the leading evangelical publishing imprint in the UK, publishing acclaimed authors including John Stott, Don Carson, Amy Orr-Ewing and Emma Scrivener and Marylebone House, a fiction imprint publishing contemporary and historical fiction, short stories, and clerical crime mysteries.

SPCK also published Sister Gemma’s book ‘The Way Of Ignatius’ in 2018 which has recently been serialised on Radio Maria England.