Friends of Mary Ward


International gathering of Friends of Mary Ward

One of the early paintings of Mary Ward and her companions shows them sitting in an open circle, facing the viewer. Today, the Congregation of Jesus is still an ‘open circle’, welcoming many people who also find Mary Ward a source of inspiration.

Mary Ward lay associations have developed worldwide, run by lay people and supported by our local communities. They aim to live the spirit of Mary Ward in a lay context, in response to contemporary needs, challenges and hopes.

The lay association in England, Friends of Mary Ward, has groups based in London and York, and new members are always welcome to share in occasional days of reflection and events throughout the year.

Contact for London group: Cecilia Bainton, via

Contact for York group: Pamela Ellis at

O my God, how generous you are, and how rich are those to whom you choose to be a friend.

Mary Ward