Tree Planted in Memory of Sr Cecilia Goodman CJ

2 MARCH 2023

On 01 March we had a short ceremony at St Bede’s Centre to honour the memory of Sr Cecilia Goodman CJ, who died suddenly on the 26 February, 2017. Sr Cecilia loved the hymn ‘Jesus Christ the Apple Tree’ so it was easy to know what to plant as a memento to her.

Some of those present, with Julia MacDonald, Cecilia’s successor as St Bede’s Director, on the left

About 25 of us gathered at St Bede’s for a short ceremony at which an apple tree was planted in the garden of St Bede’s with a very smart plaque.

The ceremony of dedication had been written by the St Bede’s staff and friends and contained the beautiful words: ‘May this tree dig deep roots and grow wide branches to bear witness to the abundant love and grace made known in our dear sister Cecilia’.

We were then invited to sing along with ‘Jesus Christ the Apple Tree’ which the one or two present who knew the tune did bravely. The rest of us remembered that Cecilia couldn’t sing a note! So it was all very fitting.