Commemoration of the Feast of St Michael

4 OCTOBER 2022
Commemoration of the Feast of St Michael

The Bar Convent in York is dedicated to St Michael the Archangel, whose feast day is on 29th September.

This dedication commemorates an event three hundred years ago when an angry mob gathered outside the Convent to protest against the Catholic school and convent. The sisters of the time prayed earnestly to St Michael to protect them, and suddenly the mob dissipated.

Ever since then, St Michael has continued to protect the Bar Convent and All Saints School. This year, Class 7, whose patron saint is St Theresa of Calcutta, took part in the service of commemoration with the CJ community and visitors to give thanks for the ongoing protection of their patron.

Pictured: Year 7 pupils with the picture of St Michael at the Bar Convent on the 29th September 2022