We were delighted to welcome two groups of Mary Ward associates to the Bar Convent in April 2024:

First, a group of 23 senior staff from a variety of IBVM institutions in Australia. They came having prepared well for the visit and it was a delight to meet and accompany such a committed and well-informed group. They visited the main Mary Ward places in Yorkshire and below is a photo of them outside Mulwith.  They have now moved on to Europe to engage with other centres connected with Mary Ward. We were delighted to have them with us.

Shortly after we had said good-bye to the Australian group, the IBVM and CJ tertians (School of the Heart) arrived from Ireland. This was an international group consisting of sisters from India, Nepal, Korea, and Kenya, and they too spent a rewarding time visiting the places associated with Mary Ward. Some of them are in the photo below, having tea with the St Joseph’s community.