Sr Gertrude McManus CJ, 1929–2017

Sr Gertie (right) with Bishop John and Sr Kitty.

Sr Gertrude McManus CJ died on 27th October 2017, and her funeral Mass was celebrated on 3rd November.

Sr Gertie was born in Dublin in 1929, and joined the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (now called the Congregation of Jesus) at Ascot, four years after her elder sister Kitty. She worked in the kitchen at St Mary’s School Ascot, later taking charge of the dining room at Cambridge and Shaftesbury, where she made great friends with the pupils. After leaving Shaftesbury in 1985, she moved to Kentish Town, where she enjoyed pastoral work, especially visiting the sick. In 1995, she and Sr Kitty CJ moved to Middlesborough to assist Bishop John Crowley for twelve very happy years.

Sr Gertie and her bicycle, Cambridge

Sr Gertie then moved to the Cambridge community, and remained involved in pastoral work there, until she became ill. She moved to St Joseph’s, York, in November 2016, and died on 27th October 2017.

Sr Gertie will be remembered by all who knew her for her great joy and love of the Lord.

You can read Sr Ann Stafford’s tribute to Gertie at her funeral here.