Sister Colette Flynn CJ, 1928–2019

20 FEBRUARY 2019

On 31st January our Sister Colette Flynn CJ died peacefully, aged 91, at St Joseph’s in York. Her funeral Mass was celebrated on 11th February in the Bar Convent Chapel.

Sr Colette entered the Congregation of Jesus at St Mary’s Ascot in 1946. She taught at Ascot for many years, first biology and then history of art, and she is remembered as an inspiring teacher, with an infectious enthusiasm for her subject.

The 1980s saw Colette take a sabbatical and move to a new community in Norwich, where she worked in hospital chaplaincy, in the prison and with the young men in the local remand centre. In a radio interview around this time, she was asked by the presenter what she did in the prison, and she replied: ‘I do what I do everywhere – I make friends, then it’s for God to do what he likes with it.’ During her time in Norwich she developed skills in reflexology, and used them in a home for people with drug and alcohol dependencies, and in a local cancer hospice. Colette was also gifted prayer guide. In 2012, Colette moved to St Joseph’s, York. She is buried in the cemetery of the Bar Convent, York.

Join us in thanking and praising God for the gift of Colette, and for her faithfulness to her vocation in the Congregation of Jesus.

You can read Sr Patricia Harriss’ eulogy for Sr Colette here.