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Interested in finding out more about Mary Ward, the Congregation of Jesus or Ignatian Spirituality? Here we have collected together talks, documents and reflections from CJ sisters and friends about various aspects of the life, history, spirituality and ministry of Mary Ward’s Institute.

Mary Ward

A growing number of books are making Mary Ward’s story accessible to a wide audience. Many of these are available online or through the Bar Convent‘s gift shop. You can download a list of recommended titles here.

Jane Livesey CJ, ‘The Strength of Vulnerability: University Sermon for the University of Cambridge‘, 27th January 2019.

Gemma Simmonds CJ, ‘Mary Ward: Prophetic Woman’, Friends of Mary Ward Conference, York August 2017. A Spanish translation is available here.

Elaine McDonald, ‘Bearers of a Dangerous Memory: The Prophetic Legacy of Mary Ward’, Friends of Mary Ward Conference, York August 2017.

Patricia Harriss CJ, ‘Mary Ward and Time’, 26th January 2020 at Osbaldwick, marking the anniversary of Mary Ward’s birth and death.

Judi Dench reads Mary Ward’s account of the ‘Just Soul’ vision, 1985.

Judi Dench reads Mary Ward’s ‘But Women’ speech, 1985.

The Extraordinary Life of Mary Ward, a YouTube video introduction to the remarkable story of Mary Ward.

CJ and IBVM Ministry

Imelda Poole IBVM, ‘Mary Ward, Prophetic Woman: Living Prophecy Today’, a powerpoint presentation about IBVM work on anti-trafficking ministry given at Friends of Mary Ward Conference, York August 2017.

Living the Just Soul Today, a YouTube video to mark the 400th anniversary of Mary Ward’s vision of the Just Soul. Mary Ward sisters from all over the world share what her vision means to them.

CJ and IBVM History

Áine McHugh, ‘Ties of Sisterly Love and Affection: Unbroken Connections CJ-IBVM (Loreto) 1814–1888‘, Presentation at Links Plus Day, Manchester February 24th 2018

Province Occasions

Homily by Bishop Terence Drainey at the Mass for the 250th Anniversary of the Bar Convent Chapel.

Poverty: A Mother and a Wall‘, Theodora Hawksley CJ at the CJ Province Assembly 2018. Powerpoint slides here.

Homily for the Links Plus IBVM-CJ Meeting, Manchester February 24th 2018, by Brendan Callaghan SJ